The Royal Collections of the Netherlands regularly loan items for exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. The map of the Netherlands on this website shows just some of the places where objects from the Royal Collections of the Netherlands are currently on show. And as time goes on the collection will be added to online, and more and more loaned items will appear on the map.

Dordrechtsmuseum 2


The official request for a loan from the Royal Collections of the Netherlands should be submitted no later than four months before the opening of the exhibition in question. Remember that the online catalogue on this website currently shows only small selection of the items in our collection. So we recommend that before you submit an official loan request, you contact us to discuss the possibilities. Please do this as soon as you can – preferably at least six months before your exhibition opens.



Official loan requests, signed by the director of the applying institution, should be submitted in writing to either the Director of the Royal Collections of the Netherlands or the Secretary of the Historical Collections Foundation of the House of Orange-Nassau, at the following address:

Koninklijke Verzamelingen
t.a.v. de heer Ph.C.B. Maarschalkerweerd
Noordeinde Palace
P.O. Box 30412
2500 GK The Hague
The Netherlands

Your loan request should include the following information:

- Name and address of the applying institution
- Details of your contact person: name, telephone number, correspondence address and e-mail address
- Title of the exhibition
- Dates of the exhibition
- A brief summary of the exhibition concept
- Details of the works being requested
- Your reasons for requesting these particular items
- If possible, a facility report on the exhibition space

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In assessing your request, we consider the purpose for which the loan is required, the availability and state of the items in question and the conditions under which they will be kept during the loan. All loans are agreed subject to our standard terms and conditions.